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Who loves Twisted Metal?

2012-12-07 01:18:18 by Michael2882

Who loves Twisted Metal? I know I love Twisted Metal! As you can tell if you seen some of my art heh. But I'm sure alot of you can whip up something far more impressive! What do you say? Anyone wanna make some art for good ole Twisted Metal? We can also talk about it, heck you're more than welcome to make fanfic! I just want to talk TM with the NG community.


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2013-03-20 21:14:20

Lol I remember one of the twisted metal games had a remade version of the song paint it black after that I only played that one game over and over just to hear the song again

Michael2882 responds:

Hahaha that's devotion! Was the song covered by a female singer?


2013-04-20 05:27:16

My friends and I played TM 2 for... 2 1/2 years. We were bonkers for it.

Michael2882 responds:

You can't beat the classics! What do you guys think of the latest installment?


2013-04-20 16:43:10

Lot of water under the bridge since TM2... I saw some Let's Plays of the new one... not bad, but it's all academic until you're behind the controller.

Michael2882 responds:

Yes it is. The controls haven't changed much but what has changed is the gaming landscape. With no real dedicated marketing the new one suffers from a low amount of players.


2013-04-20 21:00:49

Oh, not enough online players, which network?
Heh, TM2 PC had network play built in, and there were matches, but I never saw them :P

(Updated ) Michael2882 responds:

On PSN there are lobbies but not as many as you'd have thought for such a good game